Eric Dahlberg

Eric has carefully constructed a team driven by curiosity, and a genuine desire to solve technical challenges. Eric has spent his career applying scientific solutions to difficult technical problems. He grew up in Calgary, Canada, and graduated from Williams College in 1985 with a degree in Chemistry. He joined the US Army and was posted to the Presidio of San Francisco, where he assisted in a variety of medical research projects over the course of three years. As a Bay Area transplant who moved to Napa in 1994, he developed an avid interest in local wines.

After his military service, he began a career in the environmental remediation industry, spending the better part of 12 years engaged in efforts to recycle Northern California’s military bases.

In 2000, a small winery he was involved with employed Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to reduce the concentration of alcohol in their wines. The improvements to the wines were amazing! Fascinated, Eric founded Winesecrets in 2002 to share these new filtration technologies with more winemakers.

In 2003, Winesecrets was awarded a three-year contract by the California Energy Commission to demonstrate Electrodialysis filtration technology to wine producers in California. Winesecrets’ offering grew to include RO, ultra-filtration, microfiltration, distillation, centrifugal clarification and electrodialysis, and in a variety of experimental wine production techniques. Winesecrets has been located in Sebastopol/Sonoma County since 2008, where it operates a beverage production facility and distillery.

Eric’s fascination with making things work and making things that work has led the company into Advanced Manufacturing of filtration systems for wine, water, and other fluids.

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