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Experts to provide your water scarcity solution

We are water recycling experts here to solve water scarcity with technical innovations. Our water recovery plan combines reuse and recycling to improve your water security. We use our 20 years of experience in liquid filtration to customize the solution that would work best for your facility to solve the toughest water issues.  

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California general order statewide winery presentation

Change of water availability limiting your growth?

Fear in change of water supply? 

The drought in California is ongoing.

Worried about challenges in profitability by increased water disposal surcharges?

Wastewater disposal charges are increasing.

Changes in regulatory agenda in water affecting growth?

Approvals for new wells are challenging in Sonoma County.

Land being used up by wastewater ponds?

When you have the land but it is already being used up…

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Freedom from
water availability
limiting your future?

Water risk may become existential for your wine, beverage, or food production plant.  Threats from scarcity on the supply side along with new regulations on disposal side have the potential to check your growth or limit your production.  The answer is recycling through advanced filtration technologies.  RWS, water recycling experts,  will show you new technical solutions that efficiently reuse your valuable water resources. We are experienced filtration providers. Our water recycling experts will work with you on water reuse solutions to protect your operation from coming impacts in water availability and disposal costs.   

Experts in Water Recycling Can
Insure Your Success

We are water recycling experts with 20 years of expertise in critical filtration! We can solve your water security challenges with recycling. 

  • Our staff has 20-year history of targeted filtration technologies for wine using tangential flow filtration to isolate target molecules. 
  • 7 year history of constructing skid-mounted filtration systems.
  • 10 year history of operating a bench scale POC trial service
  • 5 years history of constructing bench scale systems
  • 35 plus years of combined Chemical Engineering experience with focus on water filtration 
  • Close collaboration with GE/Suez (industry leaders in wastewater recycling and recovery) for over 8 years with their expertise at our disposal

Solve your water issues today!

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Trusted Partnerships
with Industry Leaders

  • Summit Engineering
  • Deep connections with
    Suez specialists.
  • 3M and other membrane specialists
  • Napa Wine Company
  • Napa Green
  • Wallace Group

We can customize a solution to your facilities
wastewater challenges

We will come assess your current facility and come up with a plan. From wastewater ponds to zero liquid waste! We build custom wastewater treatment or add to your current configuration to further treat your wastewater and even achieve net zero water waste results! 

Easy Steps to Water Security

Water Risk Assessment

Water Recovery Plan

Permit & Build


Our experts will guide
youthrough recycling
wastewater towards
water security

  • Cost of doing business in a season of drought
  • We take the confusion away
    by bringing all the experts to
    the table
  • Customized for your needs
  • Access to industry top
    water experts

Insuring Growth for tomorrow

With the looming water availability crisis plus new California General Order affects wineries producing between 1000 cases and 1.2 million cases annually. Similar requirements are expected for other alcoholic beverage producers in the near term. This can limit current production and growth for your production.


Recovered Water Solutions will install recycling technology at any point in your wastewater system. Whether you need a complete wastewater treatment system or one piece of high-end filtration, RWS has the expertise and technology to optimize your water usage and recovery.


What Our Clients Are Saying

What does a water recovery build look like?

Irripure water treatment system

Our groundbreaking Irripure water treatment system takes water from your BioDigestor or pond, and uses an improved membrane to selectively remove the monovalent salts.


RWS’s alternative water recycling system, RePlent-e uses…
The water recovered is extremely pure, and is ideal for use in chiller towers or boilers.(EDR, RO-OS)

Introducing the Osmotron 

Imagine a high pressure RO system with a supercharger to return more water. That is what the RWS Osmotron accomplishes. 

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