Watereuse Conference Recap

Our own Carl DiManno attended Watereuse Conference

Thursday March 2nd, 2023 10am PST

Water is a finite resource, and all the water on Earth has been recycled through nature since the beginning of time. The recent Watereuse Conference in Atlanta shed light on some key issues related to water reuse.

Firstly, RWS systems are smaller than municipal wastewater treatment plants and operate within the 50,000 to 400,000 gallons per day range, whereas even small water recyclers can handle multiple million gallons per day. Secondly, the technology to produce water that is cleaner than drinking water from wastewater is mature and proven, and RWS is not reinventing the wheel in this regard.

However, recycled water faces a marketing problem, as people are hesitant to drink water recycled from any wastewater, despite it being safe to drink. Treated wastewater can be released into the environment, reused for non-drinking purposes, or treated further for human consumption. River water dilutes treated water, making it suitable for drinking, while ground application naturally recycles water through evaporation and percolation.

Non-drinking reuse, such as for irrigation and production purposes, is a popular option, and RWS will play a role in this area. Although wastewater recycling for human consumption is still a novelty item due to the “ick” factor, it is an option worth considering.

The key is to overcome the marketing problem and make people aware of the safety and benefits of recycled water.

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