Sonoma Groundwater and Wells Regulations

In 2021 California Governor Newson expanded the drought emergency. In 2022 that state of emergency continues as drought persist into a third year.


Sonoma County is responding with new regulations around wells drilled in Sonoma County. Under the proposed ordinance, Permit Sonoma would be required to evaluate potential adverse impacts to public trust resources in navigable waterways before approving a permit for a new well. Applicants may be required to submit additional supporting information, depending on the location and use of the proposed well. Source: Permit Sonoma Press Release

“Last year the state water board called for a 20% reduction of water use by all residents of Sonoma County;” Source: Sonoma News. Sonoma County also signed off on plans last year (2021) to protect groundwater supplies in three critical basins serving rural residents, farmers and cities. “..board Chair Lynda Hopkins said. ’This is a very big deal,’ she said, calling it the ‘first time ever the state of California regulated groundwater,” a resource that has been handled like the “Wild West for all this time.’” With this Sonoma County is changing regulations on how ground water is used makes the “free water” not free anymore.  Source: Press Democrat

“Californians continue to miss conservation targets by a large margin, new numbers released Friday show, despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s warning six weeks ago that mandatory statewide restrictions are on the way if local conservation efforts don’t improve.” Source: My droll There is no telling what kind of restrictions will come down for the food, beverage, agriculture and wine production. We are currently working on the technology to help you through this drought.